BNC Token ecosystem made by Bnoincoin on a profitable Blockchain System

BNC TOKEN is purchased into existence in the primary market and traded within the Secondary Marketplace. It is fully tradable, exchangeable, transferable, and redeemable. It is a true transactional currency that also serves as a store of wealth. The Crypto market is highly volatile. Investors and traders must be vigilant about the changes in the market to make the right moves. Checking the insidebitcoins news frequently can help traders to find the current market trends without delay.




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Our Partners


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

November 2019

The decision to invest in a Blockchain project is approved

Decemeber 2019

Project start: Workshop for strategic decision

January 2020

Project Launch: Blockchain development starts

January 2020

Project Website: Website development start

Febuary 2020

Smart Contract: prototypes development + Crash Tests


White Paper: Completion + Token Completion

March 2020

Pre-ICO distribution

April 2020

Phase 1 ICO sale

August 2020

Core Sale

About BNC Token

BNC Token platform has a multipurpose for storage of coin, reliable, secure, for trading and exchange with highly efficient digital platform .

BNC Token platform has a multipurpose for storage of coin, reliable, secure, for trading and exchange with the highly efficient digital platform. Users can use this platform in order to trade BNC Token into fiat currency or physical gold. Its wallet is created as one of the first platforms that have their own crypto-assets that pegged by real-time gold value, a wallet is easy to use interface, A user-friendly wallet application for securing Ether and BNC Tokens and interacting with smart contracts, the wallet has Solid track record of development and support, a wallet is securely and highly backup and It is a web-based open-source.

Pre-ICO BNC Token has already secured over 30 partnerships worldwide, with more partnerships being finalized each day.

Why Choose us?

Secured User Data

Security will always be our top consideration. Our platform was built with multiple layers of protection, deploying the most effective and reliable technologies to keep funds and transactions secure.

Flexibility & Easy to Use

You can purchase BNC token here, which is the future of cryptocurrency. Moreover, we provide platform which offers tools and features that would meet the expectations of even the most demanding and sophisticated traders, enabling them to engage in real-time trading with low latency, high reliability, and peak performance. Most of its features are said to be quite similar to the Bitcoin Bank Breaker platform. It is a trading software that focuses only on Bitcoin. It aims to provide both beginners and advanced investors with an opportunity to profitably invest in cryptocurrency.

Most Credibility

BNC token is a reliable project backed by strong entities and crypto-capitalists which is fully authenticated, approved even 100% asset-based token.

Big Data Insights

We have well extensive date protection and client information is extremely safe with us.

Token Distribution


Mar 3, 2020 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

900,000,000,000,000 BNC (83%)


July 20, 2020 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 5321 BNC, 1 BTC = 1840 BNC

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

1 ETH/ 1 BTC/ 1 LTC

BNC Token Wallet Feature

Manage your Wallet

BNC Token wallet is very easy to send, receive store, and trade digital currencies.

Reward & Bonus

BNC token can be used as a utility token that allows users to receive discounts when paying for their trading fees.BNC token can also be used by merchants, to pay for travel expenses.

Global Trading

BNC exchanges will be the best place to trade your token and cryptocurrencies across the globe.

Stay with Friend

BNC token has an affiliate program that users can benefits when investing into BNC project.

Our Team


Co-Founder, Head of Sales

Charles Wells

Martketing Manager


Social Media Coordinator

Pascale Eris

Crypto Capitalist/Leader

Thomas Talbot

Social Media Coordinator

Frequently asked questions

What is BNC Token?

BNC Token – is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase BNC Token?

Acceptable currencies are ETH, BTC, LTC.

How can I participate in the BNC Token sale?

You can participate in the BNC token sale by visiting the official website and click on BUY TOKEN which you complete the necessary details.

How do I benefit from the BNC Token?

It is fully tradable, exchangeable, transferable, and redeemable. It is a true transaction currency that also serves as a store of wealth, meaning it is both currency and money.

BNC Token Market Price Track